Why Virtual Dating is better than Online Dating

Why Virtual Dating is better than Online Dating

Virtual Dating is better than Online Dating

We are here to prove that virtual dating superseeds and is better than online dating! Yes we said it!

Have you ever felt the unending lull that comes from online dating? You download another app, you swipe left you swipe right. But as you get thumb fatigue you see someone that tickles your interest. Then you start typing and the fatigue really sets in as you feel trapped in that ‘endless talking/texting stage’.

This is why virtual dating is not just better but superseeds online dating. At the Damiloves virtual dating experience, we have eliminated the stress. The awkwardness and exhaustion that comes from endless swipes and we have aimed to replicate that initial chemistry. The butterflies you feel the authenticity of intellectual conversation and the instant attraction which should not be overemphasised but should never be ignored.


You can’t fake chemistry, seeing someone with their face mask off and their video on, tells you a lot instantly. PS make sure you look beyond the camera to see the state of their bedroom


Texting and online dating has made us all very lazy ( we are honest here). This is why our virtual dating service opens you up to the person instantly. As though you met at a party ( pre covid) or at Church ( still pre covid). You can often tell from that first encounter, shall we talk again? Yes or No? Should I give him a chance? Yes, No, Maybe?

This way after meeting him or her, when your friends ask you ‘ how did it go?’ you will definitely have an answer following your virtual date

So over to you, let us know what you think?

Do you agree and are you ready to jump into the world of virtual dating?

2 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Damiloves,

    Loving your work!

    I registered a couple of weeks ago but I don’t think I’ve finished registering as there was no option to upload a smile. I’m not sure where I am in the process, if I’ve completed registration etc.

    Thought I would send a message for further details.

    • Thank you for your message and the kind words, we will send you a direct email shortly regarding registrations.

      The smile uploads applied only to our recently concluded Valentine’s Day 2021 speed dating event, regular registrations do not currently require photos at the initial stage

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